Spry Simulator

Spry is a photo-realistic, real-time robot simulator. It combines physics-based rendering, real-time robot control and dynamics rigid-body simulation in one, easy to install and use package. We customize the simulator for your robots in specialized environemnts.

Photo-Realism. Real Time. Real Physics

Windows. Mac. Ubuntu

Why Spry?

Machine learning for robot sensory systems requires hi-fidelity simulation and a parametric environment for training and testing. Spry delivers. Our simulator can also be used for training users and for producing high-quality video output for marketing.

Sim Videos

Videos captured in Spry in real-time on a PC with an NVidia 750 GPU.
The simulated robots are fully programmable in the visual interface or through python scripting.


We start with an understanding of your simulation goals and deliver a customized Spry simulator to meet your testing, training and marketing needs. You receive the benefit of our simulation expertise, the customized code, and access to the source code for the simulator.

About Us

Xemory Software is a product + services company. We are focused on producing state-of-the art photorealistic robot simulators for testing, training and marketing. Our office is located in Burlington, Vermont and we are also part of MassRobotics in Boston. Our team is comprised of engineers with expertise in simulation, rigid body dynamics simulation, computer graphics rendering, 3D modeling, and user interface design.